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The more virtual we get, the more ritual we need.” — Chip Conley
F Fest300 brings the world’s best festivals to life – in one place – for the first time. The cornerstone of the movement is a new destination at that connects a global community through celebrations of music, film, and food, to rituals of the sacred, silly and profane. Fest300 founder Chip Conley and his team of travel experts – with DNA from Frommer’s, Lonely Planet, The World’s Best Festivals and beyond – publish Fest300 as the trusted source for daily news on festivals around the globe, featuring: festival essentials, insightful reporting, compelling photography and video, first-person festimonials, community and social connection, and the best festivals for you!


FORTUNE has its 500 organizations. FORBES has its 400 people. FEST has its 300 experiences. Fest300 will premiere July 10, 2013 with the curated Fest50 that will grow weekly until reaching 270. The final 30 festivals will be crowd sourced by the Fest300 community in keeping with Fest300’s mission to ignite human connection. Fest300 invites you to step outside your comfort zone and reconnect with humanity by exploring the transformative territory of festivals. Join the Fest300 movement and take the pledge at

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From the hypnotic Whirling Dervish to Holi, where India welcomes Spring, and the art of Burning Man, colorful festivals can be where we literally move together, learning about each other’s culture through ritualized dance and other play.


I always felt travel is transformative. It’s not just a vacation where you vacate yourself. It’s, how do you explore something bigger than yourself, something that gives you some sense of transcendence? And festivals do that in the context of a group social experience. It’s social-identity refreshment, connecting you with others outside your own little digital device.


 Even in our digital age, there’s a hunger to gather with people in real life. That’s the idea behind a new website,, which launched this week.


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 Do you travel for food, culture or history? You can find all that and more at a festival, and a website launched this week aims to connect travelers with some of the world’s most unique, exciting and unusual festivals

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 Why are festivals — one of the mankind’s oldest traditions — most important than ever in a digital world?