Learning to Fly

I’ll never forget as a kid seeing the IMAX movie “To Fly” at Great America and being spellbound about our collective journey of flight. From hot air balloons to flying robots with GoPros, the future is here. We live in a beautiful place.

West of California

Is a beautiful place.

Life Afloat – A Balloon Story

Fest300 had a chance to visit the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta with our GoPro Hero3+ and this is what we saw

GoPro – Snow Monkey Hot Tub

These wild mountain monkeys have found just the spot to rest their little monkey bones. GoPro Video of the Week!  

Piano Heights

Another look at the Great Bernal Heights Piano Party, that happened one fine summer’s day.

Whole Lotta Love for Wanderlust

Representing Fest300 at Wanderlust California 2013! Namaste, I’ve gotta whole lotta love for this weekend, Wanderlust and Squaw Valley!

The Great Bernal Heights Piano Renegade

Sometimes in the most unexpected of places the amazing happens. Such was a warm summer night on top of San Francisco’s Bernal Heights, where a piano was perched above the city for the most surreal of performances. Thank you San Francisco, my love for you grows everyday.

The Snow Gleaming Paths of Japan

Excerpt from Fest300, join the movement! Walking down dark forests paths – at night in foreign countries – is something I was always warned NOT to do. Despite common sense, exploring dark and far away places has always brought me more joy than fear. Perhaps in darkness I’ve been searching for the light. Only nine […]